Friday, January 30, 2015

Government Website Down #Op44 By Blood Security Hackers

44 Government Website Deface By Bloodsec Defacers International

the president is just making fun of the police sending them in a terrorist infested area...

if the president is so smart why didnt' gave this mission to the army, navy, marines, military or airfoce.... way to go philippines vote for dynasties and this is what the government that you deserve...

here are the website:

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

BLood Sec Hacked GMA CO-OP Website

MANILA, Philippines – The hacktivist group Blood Security International has struck again this time breaching the website of the GMA-7 employees’ multipurpose cooperative Wednesday morning.
The hackers defaced the “Vision/Mission” page of the website posting their logo and message saying: “Greetings GMA! It Seems A Certain Failure Of Security Has Occurred To Your Site Thus Leading To Sudden Access To Your System.”
“Don’t Worry No Files Deleted During The Process. We Just Want To Remind You That Even A Paid Hosting Won’t Make Your Site Secure. Please Patch Your Security,” it said.
The page of the website showed it was updated on December 2, 2014, 23:57 indicating what could have been the time the site was hacked and the content changed.
The hacktivist group has previously hacked the website of Globe Telecommunications protesting its slow internet connection service.
Globe issued a statement following the hacking that no customer data was compromised in the breach of security.
The group has also targeted several Chinese websites over China’s continued poaching and reclamation activities at the disputed South China Sea.

WebDesigner/ProgramMer Is Weak.. Tsaka Imbes Na Magregular Kayo Ng Mga Writers And Investigative Journalist Ginagawa niyo lang talent...

Hatake Kakashi

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Globe Telecom Philippines Was Hacked By Bloodsec Hackers International

The website of a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines Globe Telecom usually known as GLOBE was hacked to acquaint the provider for a poor internet connection they are distributing on November 27, 2014.

A group of a Pinoy Hacktivist called “Blood Sec Hackers” that was responsible of breaching the website injected a message to apprise the Telecommunications’ poor services, saying, “Dear GLOBE, Your service on your internet connection is not worthy what we pay for. Do something or expect the consequence. This is just the beginning. Expect Us!”

Globe Telecommunications was hacked by a Pinoy Hacktivist called BloodSec Hackers

Many of GLOBE Internet users are complaining that aside from the poor service they are providing Globe has somewhat limitations on the internet consumption where you really can’t enjoy “INTERNET ACCESS” called Data Capping and Throttling.

Here are the links that were breached by BloodSec from GLOBE:
May this message become the key to GLOBE to finally remove the limitations for their Internet Services  
-Hatake Kakashi

Friday, November 7, 2014

Million Mask March Philippines 2014 sandigan bayan commonwealth philippine congress

million mask march 2014 sandigan bayan commonwealth quezon city

we meet up at q.c. circle 8am to 9am... "november the 5th 2014" but some teachers and government employee's are rallying because they want "salary increase" removed what they call minimum wages earners that took our media coverage.. "ok lang sikat naman kami"..."but focusing on us" in the story... we arrived at sandigan bayan 9:30am after 10am we march to the congress gate... but we still continue... what we did last year even if where not as much as last year because from migrated to other countries and others already quit... but seriously even if only few of us remain we will not falter... we will fight for you... when no one will listen... we will always fight for your ideas.. your thoughts and emotion... because we are anonymous.. we are legion.. we do not forgive.. we do not forget... united forever..divided by none.. the corrupt fear us... the heroic join... and the President benigno simeon "noynoy abnoy" aquino-cojuanco, binay, senate, congress and all political dynasty expect us

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Waking Up Call Waking Up THe Masses Philippines May 1 2014

Wake Up Call Waking The Masses Philippines Labor Day May 1 2014

TRADE UNION RIGHTS PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION CONVENTION 151 YES TO RATIFY ILO CONVENTION 151 Labour Relations (Public Service)Convention 1978 (No.151) An International Framework For Public Service Labour Relations What Is The Five (5) Types of Guarantee of C151? 1. Protection on rights to organize 2. facilities to be afforded to public employee's organization 3. procedure for determining terms and conditions of employment 4. settlement of disputes arising in connection with the determination of terms and condition of employment 5. Civil And Political Rights For More Info About YES TO RATIFY ILO CONVENTION 151 Labour Relations go to cheers

May 1 2014 is a labor day event all over the world... Tayo Filipino Ay Nakikiisa sa Mga Karapatan Ng Karaniwang Manggagawa Filipino Na parati Inaabuso Ng Gobyerno Oligarchs  


For That We Anonymous We Are Legion We donot Forgive We donot Forget Divided By Fake Anons And Famewhore's.. United By BrotherHood.... Expect Us

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Selling White Vendetta Mask Can Ship To Luzon Visayas And Mindanao

Selling White Vendetta Mask Can Ship to Luzon Visayas Mindanao Via Lbc

150pesos one piece “meet up cavite area only”…if naman dagdag shipping 160 ncr region….. 280 visayas at northern mindanao caraga region and tarlac baguio at pangasinan…. 390 if aparri ilocos and southern mindanao 750pesos 7 pieces…. free shipping ncr pangasinan visayas caraga region… add payment 390 pesos if aparri ilocos and southern mindanao 1300pesos 13 pieces…. free shipping ncr pangasinan visayas caraga region… add payment 390 pesos if aparri ilocos and southern mindanao 2400pesos 25 pieces… free shipping ncr pangasinan visayas caraga region… add payment 390 pesos if aparri ilocos and southern mindanao 3400pesos 40 pieces… free shipping ncr pangasinan visayas caraga region… add payment 390 pesos if aparri ilocos and southern mindanao PM me for more info transaction is thru lbc….or text me for mo info 09323475633 "EXPECT US" EXPECT US